Aloha! Patrick and I embarked on our first international trip together to the island of O’ahu in Hawaii! Here’s how our journey went: What we saw, did, and ate:  1. Vancouver: we had a 10 hour delay in Vancouver which we called our bonus vacay. We visited the steam engine clock which was interesting and … More Hawaii 


  In celebration of warm weather, we hopped on over to the hoodoos in Drumheller. It was slippery and muddy, but it was well worth the adventure. I slipped and fell and watched my phone fly into the mud while Patrick mustered up the courage to scale the sides of the sand dunes. As the … More Hoodoos

Pincher Creek

Patrick got a job filling in for a mat leave for his dream position! He will be teaching junior drama, senior art, grade 10 English, and computers. The bitter part is that it is 3.25 hours away so we won’t see each other every day, but there is the weekend! The sweet part is, it’s … More Pincher Creek

Birthday in Banff 

For my birthday this year, Patrick surprised me (but ended up telling me a couple of days before) with a weekend in Banff. It was such a wonderful weekend. Patrick really made it special and relaxing (thanks, my love!). Here are some highlights from our trip: 1. It was only -3, super sunny with blue … More Birthday in Banff