Leia Not All She Seems

May the 4th be with you!

On such a day you might come across popular internet meme’s such as…


Image found at https://Memesuper.com May 4th 2017

OH SNAP! Take that Skywalker boys!!

What if though… WHAT IF this meme was completely wrong. In the following blog post I offer an alternative. The alternative that not only was Leia tempted by the dark side but was consumed by it and is in fact the one that we know of as supreme leader Snoke or at the very least working with him.

Now, you probably are thinking I am crazy at this point. Consider the some of the popular themes in the Starwars universe though. Themes such as balance and good and evil. What could be more balanced than having twins- one going to the light one going to the dark. If we agree Luke has successfully fought the temptation of the dark side that leaves Leia.

Return of The Jedi 
Our first clues that Leia might join the dark side are found in return of the Jedi. She kills Jabba the Hutt with a chain! You don’t strangle a creature that much larger than you without tapping into some serious force strength and something tells me you might not be calling on the light side of the force as you straggle a creature with a chain. Even Darth Vader hints at what Leia might someday become. “If you will not turn to the dark side then perhaps she will”. Furthermore while Luke get’s to see his father show remorse and come back from the dark side Leia never gets to see that.  She watched him destroy a planet in front of her. No doubt she had strong feelings- Hate even? Hate left to fester in her.

The Map

Luke Skywalker has left for some alone time it seems. The movie gives some answers of why he left but mostly we are left to speculate. At the start of the movie we see Poe who has come to talk to old man Lor San Tekka. Lor San Tekka is an old explorer who helped map out the galaxy after the fall of the empire. He is also very active in reading lore about the Jedi. This alone is to be our explanation of why he holds the key to Luke’s whereabouts. Why though, do both the Resistance and and the First Order show up within roughly the same amount of time. This points to a spy being within the ranks of the Resistance since they were first on the scene. Now although this does not all together make Leia the spy it does raise a powerful question. Why is the map being hidden from Leia? R2D2 ends up having a large section of the map, and yet R2D2 remains inactive. Sleep mode.  Maybe because R2D2 is waiting for Rey and trying to prolong the time in which Leia know where Luke is.

Death of Han Solo

This is the biggest piece of evidence in my opinion. Snoke pushes Ben Solo to confront his father. “Even you Master of the knights of Ren have never faced such a test”. Although he never comes out and says to kill Han Solo, it seems heavily implied. Meanwhile Leia tells Han Solo “If you see our son, bring him home” forcing a confrontation that might have never happened otherwise.

These are the three strongest reasons I think that  it will be revealed that Leia turned to the dark side but there are many little things too. Such as a separation from Han Solo, I’m sure having a son go to the dark side can be tough on any relationship but you know what also is tough on relationships? Secret evil meetings you might have to attend every so often.  Why did Leia go to see Rey at the end of the film and not Chewy? Maybe because she is heartless and really only cares about manipulating Rey to the dark side.
We have even seen in the past how Palpatine played both sides of things in the clone wars to influence Anakin maybe this is just the same thing over again.


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