Aloha! Patrick and I embarked on our first international trip together to the island of O’ahu in Hawaii! Here’s how our journey went:

What we saw, did, and ate: 

1. Vancouver: we had a 10 hour delay in Vancouver which we called our bonus vacay. We visited the steam engine clock which was interesting and short. We walked around downtown and checked out the library which has a green roof being built. The architecture and ambiance of the entire city was beautiful. However, the people we encountered were very out there and awkward. Maybe it was the part of town we were in, or maybe we just attract certain people. 

We visited Cartems Donuterie which was so yummy! I had a vegan rice pudding donut and Patrick had a London fog donut. It was at this place that we discovered a mysterious rash along my forearms and shoulders. We thought maybe I had a reaction to the donut or the polyester shirt I was wearing. After some investigation we realized that my backpack and purse were so heavy that they were bruising me! I also have very low iron so that probably didn’t help. 

2. Haleiwa – The Farm: we stayed with my aunt and uncle on their fruit farm. They grew everything from mangoes to papaya to bananas to cocao to dragon fruit. Their farm is situated in the middle of what felt like a jungle; more or less off the grid. 

Patrick and I were shocked to see how open the house was. The walls were paper thin and did not go all the way up to the roof. There was a part that was just all mesh which allowed a lot of the cool breeze to come through. The kitchen was entirely outside. The shower was also outside. They used a generator for maybe about an hour every night to charge their cell phones so that they can make business calls. But there was no wifi. Every morning we woke up to the blaring sounds of roosters and birds which added to the jungle feel. 

Occasionally we would help my aunt set up her fruit stand by the farm which often got pretty busy. They grew and sold these bananas that melted in your mouth. I would have about 4 every morning. It was the best thing I ate there. All the fruit was just so tasty! 

3. North Shore: we drove around the North Shore visiting tons and tons of food trucks and enjoying fish tacos. We went to the beach but the weather during the first couple of days were rainy and cloudy with moments of sun. So, we didn’t go into the water until we visited the South Shore. 

We made a little pit stop at Turtle Bay/Turtle Beach. My uncle claimed that turtles swim up to shore all the time and sure enough we saw one! There were signs telling us about them and the massive fine we would get if we touched them. So, we admired our turtle friend from a distance. 

4. Polynesian Show: my aunt and uncle took us to watch a show on Polynesian culture. It was amazing to watch them dance, do fire tricks, and tell the story of their culture. 

5. Pearl Harbor: it was such a beautiful place with a lot of history. It was sad and humbling learning about what had happened in the very exact spot we were standing. 

6. Honolulu & Waikiki: we explored the Chinatown and Honolulu’s downtown area. We spent the last couple of days of our trip in Waikiki at The Queen Kapiolani Hotel. The view of the diamond Head and the ocean from our room was spectacular! The weather was finally blazing hot, which was nice but horrible for our skin. We were able to do more water activities like swimming and body boarding, but we burnt from lack of reapplying. The waves were also super strong as they were able to pull us under while standing. It was definitely a lot of fun though! 

We ate the best food in Waikiki. Fish tacos, burgers, koa chicken, loco moco, crab, steak, macadamia ice cream, dole whip ice cream, and shaved iced were our favourites. So good!! 

We boarded a boat on our last night for dinner and a show, and a cruise around the Pacific. It was great until we felt the choppiness of the waves! (It was like Peru all over again with the sea lions). I felt so sea sick I couldn’t finish my dinner but what I did eat was very yummy. The show and overall service were amazing. 

We realized that there is just so much to see and do in Hawaii and would love to return and visit more of the islands! But until then, mahalo!!! 




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