Filling My Own Shoes

For most of my  life, I felt like I’ve been walking around in shoes that were two sizes too big. I wobbled and tread softly for fear of losing my balance. I approached people awkwardly and self-consciously when all I wanted was to move gracefully. I always felt like I was moving through life in a slow and unsteady pace while others were racing past me in shoes that seemed to fit so perfectly. After a couple of times tripping and falling trying to catch up to everyone, I realized that life really was not a race. Life was about choosing to stomp in puddles and taking the messy route home to avoid the same, old predictable path.

After years of quietly shuffling through life, I want to walk loudly like a tap dancer on competition day. I want my emotions to vibrate through the floors and greet everyone like a strong handshake. Most of all, I want my shoes to fit. The good news is, I feel like I’m finally getting there. The more I grow, the more comfortable my shoes become – the more confident my steps are. I am no longer a tourist looking for a tour guide. I know exactly where I am going.


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