DIY Cactus Pots For Spring

I am notorious for having a black thumb, aka being a plant killer. No matter how much I water them, don’t water them, give them sunlight, give them shade – all my plants end up dying. And I’m left dumbfounded. 

Then I met the cactus – a plant known to be low maintenance. It has been a couple of weeks and I’m loving it so far! They barely need any watering. They just sit and look super cute, making any space chic. 

Patrick and I made a trip out to a greenhouse and found some really pretty succulents. We asked the sales lady how often we should water cactuses and she said when the soil is dry to the touch. Easy enough for me! Now it was time for the super fun part – decorating! 

How to Make Cacti Chic for Spring:

1. Pick out cacti that will fit your space. Smaller ones will look better on small surfaces and bigger cactuses will compliment larger surface areas like the floor or a large counter. 

2. Choose cacti ranging from different shapes, sizes, and colours to give height and dimension to your design. 

3. Decide what to hold your cacti in. Clay pots with geometric designs are popping up everywhere these days. But instead of overpaying for them, make them yourself with very few materials and little effort. 

4. If you’re going the DIY route, grab some plain clay pots, acrylic paint, and some paint brushes. Coat your pots in a solid colour, wait for it to dry, and then paint simple geometric design on it like exes, crosses, triangles, and lines. Make sure you use a thin brush for the design! 

5. Place your gorgeous cacti anywhere you want to spruce up like a window sill, desk, bookshelf, or entry way. 

Happy planting! 

– J 


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