Pincher Creek

Patrick got a job filling in for a mat leave for his dream position! He will be teaching junior drama, senior art, grade 10 English, and computers. The bitter part is that it is 3.25 hours away so we won’t see each other every day, but there is the weekend! The sweet part is, it’s in the area we ultimately want to reside in. We just have to bear a little distance to get where we want to be.
So, this weekend we went to visit Pincher Creek where he will be teaching. What we thought would be a nice, relaxing roadtrip, turned into a day of car troubles – due to the snow. We spent two hours at the mechanics in Pincher Creek because the car’s air intake filled up with snow. Then about a half hour later, we got stuck in the snow. We spent almost another hour shoveling the car out of the driveway of a bed and breakfast. But, surprisingly, those not so great experiences didn’t dull our mood. We had a hoot reminiscing about how great of a team we are, especially when we find ourselves in a pickle. And it was this thought that made us confident we can overcome the distance.




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