Birthday in Banff 

For my birthday this year, Patrick surprised me (but ended up telling me a couple of days before) with a weekend in Banff. It was such a wonderful weekend. Patrick really made it special and relaxing (thanks, my love!). Here are some highlights from our trip:

1. It was only -3, super sunny with blue skies.

2. The lunch we had when we arrived was amazing. We are not using the word amazing lightly here. It was absolutely top notch. We went to a tacoria and tequila distillery called Magpie and Stump. I had fish tacos and Patrick had pulled pork quesadillas. We shared 3 tequila shots that were aged differently. We must say that we’ve never enjoyed tequila like that before. Or, in my case, I’ve never enjoyed tequila ever. This experience was a real game changer – not only with tequila but dining out in general. The whole atmosphere, service, and food was incredible.

3. We went on two hikes. We went to the Cave and Basin and Sundance Canyon. Both were great with such beautiful views. We really got the chance to enjoy each other’s company. We found many deer prints and thought maybe we could follow them but they always led us to a frozen lake (if you read our Lake Louise post, you know our bad luck with “frozen” lakes).

4. We stayed at the Banff Aspen Lodge thanks to Patrick’s parents! Thank you for the hotel gift card!

The lodge had an outdoor hot tub. Although it was super cold getting in, it got nice real fast. We were glad we brought our swim suits and took advantage of it.

5. We had dinner at the Keg thanks to Patrick’s sister! Thank you for the gift card! Dinner was delicious (for me) but service could have been a lot better. Our waiter was not the most personable.

6. We stopped in Canmore on the way home. We had lunch at a place called The Graze. We shared a massive burger and poutine. Although both were everything we ever hoped for, the real star of the show was the salad. We had no idea what they did to the dressing, but, oh, my. It was one of the best salads I’ve ever had.

7. We took the scenic route home! Usually the highway is scenic, but this route was overly scenic. We thought maybe a deer would jump out, but nope.

We hope your weekend was just as thrilling and relaxing as ours!

As always,



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