Headed West Back to Our Nest

Our last night in Ontario proved to be a lot of fun. We had our third day in a row of Sushi, which although I was scared of receiving mercury poisoning, I found it to be the best sushi outing yet! Afterwards, we went out to a board game cafe. We played three games – Dixit, Cash and Guns, and lastly King of Tokyo. By the time we got back to Jennie’s house it was getting late. What should have been a good rest before our voyage home turned into a two hour cat nap.

Our alarm went off and it took all the will power I had to get up and perform my morning rituals and not slip back into a deep sleep. We carried up our luggage to find Jennie’s parents already up and waiting to drive us to the airport.

The car ride was very quiet. Maybe this was because we were all very tired, but for me I stayed silent because I was taken by the moment. I was sad. There we were in the back of the Lovan car while both Jennie’s Mom and Dad drove us to the airport. Not just one of them, but both of them. They both had to work later that day and without a doubt getting up at 3am to go to the airport would put a fairly large kink in their regular schedule. Yet, here they both were, driving us to the airport to make our lives a little easier and to get one last chance to say goodbye. I am touched by this, but it also made me so sad. There we were with family that loves us so, while getting ready to board a plane to head to a frozen desert where we will only have each other. We do have each other though. So, for now that will have to do until we have our own family.

When we went into the airport we quickly printed off our luggage tag and got in line to drop off our bag. Apparently, getting to the airport in the morning early only does so much good as the WestJet employees had not even started their shifts yet. Eventually, a man came around and informed us that we should move to a line for self-baggage check, but even that was not open yet. When it did finally open, Jennie and I came to the realization that the line was just an illusion. We waited patiently for the family ahead of us to get moving, but the people behind us raced past the family and us. #Bastards.

The self-check-in was a very easy process and allowed for ample opportunity for me to give the people who had pushed past us dirty 4am glares (bastards). We then moved onto security. I laid out my phone and laptop onto the security trays. I was prepared for them to call me over to inspect my phone like they did in Calgary. It did not happen this time. “You are good to go,” they told me as my things came through the scanner. I began to put my boots on as I waited for Jennie. However, it was Jennie’s turn to be pulled over by security.
“Do you have a blender in your bag?” The security officer asks her.
“No,” Jennie innocently replies – “maybe, it is my straight iron?”
The security guard looks at her skeptically and then digs into her bag. Moments later he pulls out the blade for our magic bullet.

Somehow, we forgot to move that to our checked luggage. Thankfully they did not kick us off the flight there and then but gave us a choice – have the blade go to the trash or, go back and check Jennie’s bag in. Our ‘The-Price-Is-Right’ training came into effect. Checking the bag would be $25… was the blade worth $25? No. the blade is not worth $25… goodbye, blade.

And then we were off. Jennie and I were at the front of the plane just after the people who had payed more for a slightly more cushioned seat. This time we sat next to each other. We both managed to get a little bit of shut-eye, although I did watch an entire movie first, and Jennie got mostly through a movie, too. When we landed, we had a 14 minute walk to find our luggage which was already out and on the luggage carousel when we made it there. Luck seemed to be on our side as the shuttle to bring us to our car was waiting there for us. As soon as we were seated it began to drive us back to the parking lot. It was just us and a father with his son on the shuttle. They went to their car first and as we turned and looped back towards our car we found out that the Father and son would be delayed as their car battery was DEAD! Fear began to make its way into my bones. What kind of a delay would happen if my car battery was also dead? The shuttle stopped right in front of the car.  I quickly moved to go and turn it on. To my great relief, the car roared on easily. Success.

We made our way out of the parking lot and Jennie searched for a place to get brunch. “There is a Denny’s 11 minutes away,” she informed me. So, we were off. The roads were not great, but my winter tires proved their use. After 5 minutes onto the highway, “WACK!” No, we did not get into an accident, but one of the many gravel stones put down on the road to make it easier to drive had come up and made impact with the passenger side windshield, leaving the biggest chip I have ever seen. Damn.

Brunch was tasty, but I felt disappointed by what had happened to my windshield. After getting a lot – and I do mean A LOT of coffee in me, we made our way back to DrumHELLER!!!!! We instantly fell asleep upon walking in the door. We will miss you, Ontario, Friends, and Family. Can’t wait to see you all again this summer!

P + J



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