New Year, Renewed Us? 

Every new year we are bombarded with the phrase ‘New Year, New Me.’ Patrick and I joke around with the phrase, but when we actually think about it we ask, why new me? New habits perhaps? New resolutions? New goals? We’ve looked at our new year resolutions and realized that we’ve been recycling the same goals and resolutions for years now. They’ve just been worded differently – different face, same heart. But doing them has never made us new. Instead, they have renewed us. They’ve helped us polish the messy versions of ourselves by giving us a fresh start to try again.

In our cases, Patrick is learning French (again) and I am writing more (again). Together we are meditating more. These resolutions will not make us brand new. We want these goals to shake us and wake us up until our eyes are wide open. We want to greet them like an old friend and say, hey, let’s catch up. And through that catching up we relish in the fact that there is comfort and familiarity with new stories and growth.

Here’s to embarking on ‘new year, renewed us.’ Happy 2017 family and friends!



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