Oh, Christmas Tree…

After much deliberation about whether or not we want a real tree or a fake tree, we decided to go for a real tree. Getting a real Christmas tree came with the promise of an adventure. And boy, did we go on an adventure.

Our first stop was Canadian Tire. We bought a simple tree stand. Then we were off to Powder Face Trail for our tree. It started off steady but with every minute that passed, the drive became shakier and shakier. The snow became deeper and deeper. It was so windy. We soon found ourselves driving in what seemed like a whiteout. It was hard to see the car in front of us or cars coming towards us. It was literally all white. Once it cleared, we dealt with the snow and winding roads. Two and half hours later, we were there.
Upon entering Sibbald Creek, our muscles softened and our moods lifted. Every car driving past us had a tree tied to the roof. Cars were pulled onto the side of the roads while families picked out their trees.

Once we turned into Powder Face Trail where we planned on getting our tree, we saw kids being pulled on little sleds and dogs running around in the snow.

We parked, changed into snow gear, and paid for our permit and saw. Then off we went. We wanted a tree that was no bigger than 5ft tall. We treaded through the snow to only find trees 6ft or taller.  After about 15 minutes we stumbled upon a little 2ft tree. It was sparse, uneven, messy, and perfect. We took turns working the saw and before we knew it we had our first Christmas tree who we later named Jonah. To top off our adventure we saw a family of deer on the way home!

We can’t wait to see all your Christmas trees! Happy decorating!


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