Today we decided to visit the small town of Delia – population 200. Although, driving around it felt smaller than that. The weather was great. It was a wonderful 19 degrees. We are sure it was a lot warmer in Ontario, in other words, there’s no need to text us and brag about it. But, then again, that’s something we would do. We can dish it out, but we can’t take it.

Anywhoozle, we came across many homes for sale and talked about how nice it would be to live in them. They were quaint and sweet homes, and full of character.

In the midst of getting lost in our hypothetical lives, we stumbled upon Mother Mountain Tea House. We were ecstatic that it was even open. So, we took a gander and immediately knew it was the coolest place in town. The restaurant was filled with eclectic chairs and tables. It was cozy and homey.

But, the food though! We originally decided on just tea, but our stomachs spoke up and said, let’s just eat dinner here. Actually, it was Patrick who said that. So, we stayed. Patrick had the beef dip and I had the homemade ravioli. Both were amazing! I devoured the ravioli like it was ice cream. The doughy pasta was filled with squash and smothered in Alfredo cream sauce.

Also, the owners were just awesome. They were super friendly and helpful. We will return!

Happy Weekend!



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