Happy Thanksgiving!

Patrick and I have been having a pretty exciting time adjusting to life in Drumheller. Okay, so there were a few shockers we had to overcome like the fact that everything closes super early, or doesn’t open at all, and that there are dinosaurs everywhere. But, all in all, things have been dandy.

Then, the leaves started changing and our attitudes started changing with it. Our attitudes didn’t shift in a major way, just in the way one would notice you used 1 cup of sugar in your cake recipe instead of 2.5 cups. There was a slight difference, but still a little difference if you paid enough attention. On the surface no one could tell something was off because we got into the aesthetics of autumn in a big way. Seriously, pumpkin spice everything. But, still there was some slight mopyness going on.

We had no idea why until suddenly, like the football that was thrown by an uncoordinated sixth grader in class, it hit me – Thanksgiving is in October and we aren’t spending it with our families! Although we have lived apart from our families for some time, this will be our first Thanksgiving away from them. When we realized this, we caught a mad case of FOMO. For those of you who are not millenials, or are not as hip as a millenial, the acronym stands for “fear of missing out”. After wallowing for a bit, we realized it’s our chance to make our own traditions and our own memories while still being thankful for our families and the traditions and gatherings we grew up with. It also started snowing here in October, so I think we just realized we have bigger problems.

But, in all seriousness, we miss you all! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! We will talk to you all soon 🙂

xo P&J


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