Happy Birthday To Patrick

On June 21st, the longest day of the year, and the best day of the year, we celebrated Patrick’s birthday in Calgary. Although the day started off as one giant headache, it got better towards the end.

The day started off with long waits for getting his Alberta plates done and getting his windshield replaced. The rest of the day consisted of food surprises, gift surprises, and game surprises.

Food: we went to the river cafe, a french restaurant in the middle of a beautiful park. Patrick has fish and pork while I had the duck. We loved every part of our meal. Oh yes, and oysters for appetizers. It was Patrick’s first time having them and he kinda liked them.

Gift: I got him a semi fancy new outfit that he can wear to work and for fun. He’s wearing the shirt in the photos. Patrick surprised me with a gift of his own! He got me a beautiful birthstone necklace. What a guy.

Games: I surprised Patrick with a Strathmore game meet up at a hobby store in downtown Strathmore. He loved it. We got to meet new people in the area who also love playing games.

Patrick says: this was my first birthday in Alberta since my actual birth. Not too shabby!!!

See everyone soon!









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