Re: Grub Burger Bar








We ventured into Calgary for a little food adventure today. We stumbled upon a burger joint called “Re: Grub” that promised out-of-this-world milkshakes, supreme fries, and cruelty-free burgers.

We arrived just in time to beat the rush.  A minute after we arrived, there was a line up out the door. We struggled a little to find seats as this place was busy with a capital B. We can definitely see why. This place was hip and happening from their upbeat music choice to their creative menu.

Patrick and I shared their broken heart milkshake made from fresh cream and gelato. It was topped off with cookies and marshmallows. We also shared a tray of Asiago truffle fries. These fries were soooooooo good. Simply delicious.

Their burgers were good, but not amazing. I had their mama mia burger which consisted of basil pesto, tomato sauce, and provolone. I enjoyed it. Patrick had their eureka burger which had bacon and onion rings in it. He liked it, but strongly emphasized that he did not love it.

We were happy to have went and experienced Calgary’s hippest foodie spot. We would definitely go back for the fries and shake!



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