Hello! It is I, Patrick. I will be writing the blog today as Jennie is feeling a little sick today and needs to rest. Don’t worry, family. I am looking after Jennie and nursing her back to health. In fact, I just got back with the leeches to start the bloodletting. (That’s a joke. please remain calm).

So, yesterday, our day started very early at about 2am. This is due more to the fact that I was unable to get to sleep than any real practical purpose. So, with very little sleep, we hit the road at around 7am, left our district, and headed for the Capital – Edmonton.

The drive is about 3 hours which is ridiculously far when you have had such little sleep. We went to the teaching authority and submitted some paperwork all before I would normally even be awake.

Our next stop was the West Edmonton Mall. When we pulled up, I was super impressed with the size of it. Jennie was less impressed.
“It’s just really tall, but it does not look that big or impressive. Just another stupid mall,” Jennie remarked. (Okay, I may be exaggerating a bit… but she did seem far less impressed with it than me).

The following pictures were taken in the mall.
(Scroll down to read & see more!)








Somewhere between the roller-coaster, the water park, and the live sea lion show, it became clear that this was not just another mall. We spent four and half hours wandering the mall. We did not buy anything, or even go into any stores because of budget. So, that was 4 and a half hours of actually just walking around the mall and experiencing the free stuff the mall has to offer, like watching people fall down and hurt themselves on the ice rink.

It was vey neat just exploring the mall, but we won’t return until we are making some money and can actually afford to experience some of the not-so-free parts of the mall.

Our next stop was downtown Edmonton. It was nice and warm so we took the chance to explore a bit of the downtown. We eventually found the perfect place to eat dinner.
(Scroll down to find out where!)



The Sherlock Homes Pub! Only a few days after we played Sherlock Holmes we now get to eat there! haha. We were very excited and the meal was very good although the portions seemed rather small for the price.  Our adventure was then completed with the appearance of a special guest character on our blog. (Scroll down to find out who!)image

Isn’t the anticipation of finding out who our special guest is so exciting?! keep scrolling down to find out who! image


imageIt was my DAD!!! He had flown down for a work conference and the timing of us visiting Edmonton lined up perfectly to allow for a  reunion with my father! Although it was brief, it was really great to see him. Although, it was hard to leave. He also brought some things that I had forgotten back in Uxbridge like my running shoes so that was helpful. Anyways that’s about all I have to say, I better go get back to nursing Jennie… ’til next time! Bye!


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