My car seized the day…

Patrick and I decided to take my car out into town tonight since it has just been sitting in the driveway for some time.

We were driving on the gravel road and I had noticed that my car is going uber slow. I thought it was just the gravel. When we got onto paved road, my car was not moving. So, we pulled over and saw that the right, back tire was seized up.

Luckily we called CAA and they arrived within 30 minutes who towed us back home and unseized the tire!

Here are other things we are thankful for:

– my mom for forcing me to renew my CAA membership every year no matter how much I tell her I don’t need it (thanks mama!!)
– it was 8 degrees outside (no snow!)
– our tow man, Bruce, who was from Ottawa! He was super helpful.
– it didn’t happen too far from the house
– Patrick’s trusty phone that had reception, unlike mine that doesn’t
– the gorgeous sunset








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