Cooking with dogs

Tonight we were able to capture some moments with the dogs. They are honestly so well-behaved that it’s unbelievable. They respond to very specific commands, but are yet so playful and sweet.

As teachers we aren’t allowed to pick favorites, but with these dogs you can tell who our favourite is (Potter!!). He’s the only one who loves to come down and visit us.

Tonight we made pierogies and a salad. We initially boiled 14. 7 for each of us. Patrick then informed me that one of them burst and all the filling came out. So, he threw it out. The outcome wasn’t exactly to my liking, so I threatened to post our conversation for his parents to see.

Patrick: you get 6 pierogies and I get 7.
Jennie: why do you get 7?
Patrick: because I am bigger.
Jennie: but I’m equally as hungry.
Patrick: *looks away and starts eating*

I will have my revenge.


Left to right: Mortacai, Potter, Bigsy



Lily, the poor, little blind dog. She is actually blind in both eyes. But, she isn’t as skiddish as you would think. 





2 thoughts on “Cooking with dogs

  1. Oh Patrick…you should be more gallant and let her have the extra.
    Lovely dogs! Do the owners mind you having them inside. Does Lily bump into things much? I’m envious! Will be more so when the horses come. Are they being boarded somewhere else?

    1. The owners really don’t mind them being inside if we don’t mind. We told them they are welcome to roam around downstairs with us anytime. Lily doesn’t bump into anything at all. She apparently uses her nose and air currents to help her move between objects. The horses are being boarded down the street around the corner!

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