Friday Night Pizza

Patrick and I decided to make homemade pizza every other Friday using the stone pizza pan from Patrick’s mom. We decided on half pineapple and half ground beef. Yum!

So, a couple of random things:

1.) We are really enjoying the apartment. It’s feeling more like home.

2.) The water smells heavily of sulfur. So, every time we shower, or go to use the sink, it smells as if someone set off a stink bomb.

3.) We did our first, big grocery shopping trip today. We are prepared for this week’s eats which includes taco Tuesday!

4.) We are still waiting for documents to be sent to Alberta Education. We can’t believe how long it is taking. It’s nice to have time to settle in though.

5.) The stars are super bright here. Looking up every night is worth living out in the land of manure and sulfur water.

6.) We discovered that on a clear day,  we can see the outline of the mountains from our door. 

7.) The 4 dogs have pretty much gotten used to us. We keep forgetting to take pictures of them due to the fact that we are always trying to pet them all at once.

Have a great weekend!

P.S. Parents: we will call you sometime on Sunday.







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