Home in progress

Today we went for our second round of Ikea. The plan was to go to wind mobile and Fido and then Ikea and then the movies for date night. Instead we went to wind (waste of time), then Fido (waste of time), then Ikea, missed movie, then spent the rest of the night at Ikea (best use of time).

Wind and Fido offered us no help on the spot. They referred us to things that needed to be done online or via phone. Gahhh!!

Anyways, we got lost coming home (again!!!!) and I wasn’t even driving! Both times! There are no lights and where we think there is a turn in the street is actually just a ditch. Our hope one day is to place a giant, bright flag that can be spotted in the dark to mark where we need to turn. 

Anyways, thank you Munny  and Varsha for the gift card! Here are the things we bought for our home today:




Recycling bins.



Sheets and candle.


Computer chair.




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