Good morning!

We created this wonderful blog post on sunday night describing our new hometown. But, we have been having WiFi problems due to our homelessness. So, we discovered that McDonald’s and Tim Hortons wifi is definitely not strong enough to load our posts. We are trying our luck at a different Tim’s this morning.

Here is Strathmore according to the 5 senses:

See: when you first enter you see a population sign of 12,000. You see cows, but then again that’s as soon as you enter Alberta. There are shops and stores that are necessary like a shopper’s drug mart, Walmart, and sobey’s. There are a few restaurants. There aren’t any fancy chainy restaurants. Just chainy fast food restaurants. The other day, we dined at a restaurant called the Strathmore station. They turned their old train station into a restaurant which was really neat.

You also see little houses, farmland, small subdivisions, small condos (no high rises), and schools. We covered the entire town in about 10 minutes lol. You see seniors (lots of them), families, and middle-aged couples. We have yet to come across anyone like us.

Hear: You hear minimal traffic noises as there isn’t much traffic, if any at all. You hear the sound of seniors chattering over coffee, and people saying hello to each other as if they all know each other. This is probably true as it is a small town.

Smell: you smell manure. When you first get out of the car, it hits you like a wall. After much debate, Patrick and I decided it’s not the worst smell.

Touch: you feel the cold. You feel the cold on your face and anywhere else that’s exposed, or not properly insulated. But, it’s not terrifyingly cold as you would think. People have told us that it’s been a mild winter here.

Taste: when we went to the Strathmore station, Patrick had a burger and I had veal cutlet. It was delicious. We also noticed the quality of beef at the McDonald’s is better. Alberta beef!!! The cows have sooooooo much room to roam, to the point where they are just everywhere.

Yesterday we went home hunting and are hoping to finalize decisions today!!! Wish us luck!!!!!

Have a great Tuesday!!!







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