Did you know that Winnipeg is the murder capital of Canada? Patrick and I pondered this as we walked down the streets of Winnipeg at 7pm looking for dinner.

Did you also know that driving from Thunder Bay to Winnipeg with uncooperative walkie talkies raises your blood pressure almost tenfold?

Usually Patrick and I will lay down next to each other at the end of the night and hash out what we want to write on our blog together. But tonight, Patrick is taking the full reigns on this one. It’s been a rough drive. Thank you, Patrick! ❤

The alarm went off as normal at 6:10 for our day of travel to commence. Unfortunately for us we turned the alarm off quickly and slept for another hour and a half. So much for a quick getaway.

We quickly checked the weather and booked a hotel for the night in Winnipeg.

Despite trying to memorize where the petro Canada was, we ended up at…


For having $800 in petro Canada gift cards we are not having a lot of luck finding them.

Although the roads were in pretty good shape every so often we would be hit by a complete white out which was stressful to say the least as I would watch Jennie’s tail lights dispapear into a white blanket. The snow would not last long but let’s just say truckers are scary drivers.

We stopped for lunch at McDonald’s in a walmart- little did we know a real McDonald’s was only a two minute drive further down the road. (How can these small towns support two McDonald’s yet Uxbridge had to close our second one down!?!? Life’s unfair.)

Crossing into Manitoba was an exciting moment for the two of us, especially when we stopped at A PETRO CANADA!! About time we saw one while needing gas!! Even better, the gas was at 66.9 WHAT?! THIS IS MADNESS! ! Unfourtunately the drivers in Winnipeg seem no more considerate than those you would find in Toronto. After watching Jennie get cut off, stress was getting high, aplified by walkie talkies that refused to let us communicate normally. It was in this dire time with our communication not working that fate would play a horrible trick on us with a ill-timed red light. Jennie made it through but I was stuck behind. I watched as Jennie disappeared past another set of lights that turned red. A handful of cars turned the corner to follow her. Gone. Desperately, we both tried calling out to each other on the walkie talkies which stubbornly continued to mock us with deafening  static. Jennie had a working GPS. I however, did not. We had been in such a rush as we left I did not even remember the name of the hotel. Shit.

As Jennie often reminds me, I am not just a hat rack. I found a McDonald’s and connected to the WiFi, found my confirmation email with the address to our hotel and searched in the GPS. .. also might have grabbed a Jr. Chicken  for my trouble.

To my surprise I received a call from Jennie. Her windmobile works in Winnipeg!? Who knew!!

We were soon in the room and embracingly apologizing to each other – her, for leaving me behind, and I for yelling at her for leaving me behind.


We went to The Burger Place for dinner which is my own personal heaven as it was completely decked out in coke memorabilia but as I watched my lactose intolorent girlfriend slurp down a banana milkshake I could not help but be thankful we were in two separate cars.

Next up, Saskatchewan!








2 thoughts on “Winnipeg

  1. Blogging your journey to the wild west was a very good idea. Glad to see you guys are doing okay! Safe travels fam.


    PS. WOW. Gas price is unreal.

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